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equipment, China remains dependent on external ▓factors, which have led to high costs on medical treatment.The problem of unbalanced development of China ▓continues to prevail with soaring pressures of over-po▓pulation, scarcity of natural resources, and environm▓ental problems. There's an urgent need in every field to transform a fa

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the country must adhere to the road of independent innovation with Chinese charact▓eristics, confronting cutting-edge science and tec▓hnology towards the main battlefield of the economy▓ to spark rising domestic demand and to implement an inno▓

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d on develop▓ment in essential sci-tech industries. Science and technol▓ogy serve as a bedrock for a country.  China needs strong sci-tech strength to develop its economy and improve people's livelihoods.The horn to become a leading power of science and technology in the world has been blown t▓o establish the nation as one of the

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